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100+ Free WordPress and Joomla Themes

10 Mar

(I have posted an updated version of this post of my new website joseiscoding.com)

When I started doing my list of all the freebies I saved on my RSS reader I realized that I had too much freebies to put in one post. If I did put it all in one post it would have been several pages long. So I decided to split it up into several articles. Enjoy.

20+ Free and Premium WordPress Blog Themes

20+ Free and Premium WordPress Blog Themes

Best Free WordPress Themes February 2012

Best Free WordPress Themes February 2012

50 Great Free WordPress Themes From 2011

50 Great Free WordPress Themes From 2011

30 Hand Picked Free Joomla Templates for Download

30 Hand Picked Free Joomla Templates for Download


A List of Lists of Freebies?

3 Mar

(I posted a newer version of this post on my new website joseiscoding.com)

I promised you guys to share with you all the glorious freebies I find while I am surfing the web. This is going to be my first list of lists of freebies. I don’t know if that is the correct way to say it, but basically I made a list of website articles that made lists of freebies. That may have confused you even more than before. Just know that I am showing you a bunch of freebies. Let’s begin.

Friday Fresh Free Fonts #142

Abduzeedo Friday Fresh Free Fonts  142

I am making the assumption that everyone is in love with typography like me. So that is why I put this on my list. You never know when you are going to need a new font for your projects.

Weekly Fresh Web Design Freebies – Vol. 8 (2-29-2011)

MediaLoot Round Social Media Icons

This pack of freebies may say it’s from 2011, but the website posted it Feb 29, 2012. This pack contains WordPress themes, PSD layout templates, GUI kits, and Icons. It even comes with three special bonuses which I will keep a secret so you will go check it out.

25 Free and Premium HTML5/CSS3 Website Templates and Layouts

DesignModo 25 HTML5 CSS3 Website Templates and Layouts

What better way to finish this post off than by a list of HTML5 and CSS3 templates. These are no joke they are, as my cousin would say it, legit. There is a template for every one so enjoy.

That is it for this week’s freebies. Come back tomorrow for my list of must read tutorials this week.