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2016 Website Update & The Future of This Website

9 Dec

Wow, I can’t believe it has been 4 years since I last posted on this website. When I first posted on here I never thought it would ever have as much traffic as it did. When I checked up on it after all this time I was shocked that the year I started the blog, it got over 7 thousand views. That is mind boggling, that if I stayed around I could have created a small community of like minded people. Oh well I can’t go to the past to change things.

First things first, I would like to tell whoever is still following this blog that I have changed my passion from programming to photography, travel, and film. I have created a website where I post the places I traveled to. You can find it at sirmarvelous.com. Just because I switched passions doesn’t mean that I have completely departed from my past. I have used my knowledge to self-host my own blog and optimize it with seo and social media.

Now what will happen with this site? Well after seeing the massive response, I know that people want to see more content like this. So I plan to move all the articles from this website to a different website, joseiscoding.com. There I will continue to add more content. In addition to the freebie lists that you love, I will also add other content like how to do certain things using WordPress, ways to optimize seo, ways to optimize website loading times, photography, film making, graphic design, and video editing just to name a couple. Think of it as a website that you would send your non-techy friend because it is written and explained in a easy to understand manner.

As for this website I don’t know if I’ll post different kinds of content on here, only time will tell. I’ll keep you updated on it. So go to joseiscoding.com and subscribe to be notified when new posts are availble. My first task is to import the articles from this site and rewrite them so they are still relevant. I’ll see you on my other website.


What’s Up With My Websites

27 Apr

I know I promised you guys to blog during my spring break, but unfortunately I did not. During this time I was just lazy and didn’t do much. I have planned to make this blog hosted on WordPress.com to be my personal blog where I write about stuff like the courses I am taking at Mozilla’s P2PU or show you projects that I hope to work on. My other blog joseiscoding.com will be the one that will house my tutorials and screencasts. I have the tools and software I need I just have not done it. On joseiscoding I will also use it to experiment with design of the site. Well that’s all the update for now….until next time.


26 Mar

So if you guys were asking yourselves why I haven’t been posting any new content in a while here it is. As you may know I am a college student so the last couple of weeks I have been getting a bunch of homework, essays, and midterms because it is halfway through the semester at my school. Well now that spring break is coming up I will have time to post some new content and from your guys response to the freebies I am planing to list more. Look bellow to see the difference that a couple of freebie posts can do for your blog.