My Magnificent Blog Post

9 Mar

I know I am posting this late at night (12am), but I couldn’t sleep. So I cam across this website called It is a website created by Mozilla, the creator of Firefox, in order to get people to build communities to help each other. I have signed up before and deleted my account, but now I have a reason to make another account with them (for free by the way). They have introduced a system of badges to their website. So when you complete a task it rewards you a badge to keep you motivated to keep on learning.

The second reason why I am writing this blog post is to complete a task called “Write a Magnificent Blog Post.” That is were I got the title from. Well this challenge requires that I express in a blog post why I am embarking in “WebMaking 101” and some interesting facts about myself. If you read My First Post you probably read why i like web design and know a little about me. A little more info can’t hurt right?

A Little Bit About Me

Not to brag, but I am a 18 year old handsome male who lives in Antioch, CA. Like I said before in my first post, I am also a freshman college student in his second semister at communtiy college. I am planning to transfer after spending 2 to 3 years at community college to a UC. If you guys read my about page or my twitter profile page you would know that I like to play soccer with my friends and family once a week, and that I am a TV junky (Well, recently I have been a YouTube junky). I like to design websites and code them. I also enjoy reading and sharing articles that I find about new technology, gadgets, freebies, web design & development, and funny videos.

Reason For Embarking in WebMaking 101

The main reason I am embarking in this WebMaking 101 journey is because I want to be part of a community that helps each other on web projects. I am also in it you the badges 😉 . Helping people by mentoring them would also be a plus. I consider myself a average to advanced front-end developer, so I know HTML 4, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, and a bit of JavaScript, jQuery, Java, and PHP. On top of that I am an avid user of Adobe products like Photoshop CS5 and Fireworks, and like to use free alternatives to these software also.


It’s Alive…Finally

9 Mar

I have finally come up with a name for this blog other than my name. From now on as you can see that it is called Jose Is Coding. I got the idea from a journalist who has the twitter name joseiswriting, which is awesome. I even snatched the name joseiscoding on YouTube as my channel’s name.

I know what you guys are thinking, “Did he forget about the freebies he promised?” Well the answer is that I did forget, but don’t worry I will post the list tomorrow. So now that I have a YouTube channel all you YouTubers can subscribe to me to see all the video tutorials I am going to post. You can also see all the videos I recommend you guys watch.

What To Do When RSS Reader Is Full?

4 Mar

If you guys are anything like me and subscribe to tons of RSS feeds you probably get overwhelmed by the amount of content you receive. A year ago I subscribed to so many feeds that when I didn’t visit my RSS reader in a week I came back to over 1000 articles. Because of the person I am I tried to read every one of them, but of course that did not work. Every time I managed to read 100 of them another 200 would be added. I just had to accept the fact that I wasn’t going to read them all. So I just decided to start fresh, and that was the best decision I could have made in that situation.Starting fresh allowed me to keep up with all the new articles from my favorite websites. I was also able to cut down on the feeds that I wasn’t reading but were taking up space.

Early last year I was put in this situation again when I download Paul Irish’s RSS feed Bundle. The bundle had every important feed that a front end web developer need, but like last time my reader was filled with more than a 1000 feed posts. Starting fresh here allowed me to notice that some of the feeds in his bundle no longer make article, and some of the feeds talked about topics that where unimportant to me.

So why have I told you guys about my RSS feed story, well if you can believe it or not it has happened a third time. This time it is the articles I have in my favorites. I have so many articles dating back to March of 2011. The problem this time is that these articles were put in favorites because I liked them. Maybe I have to accept the fact that they might have been useful when I first favorite them, but now they are not important. This time I will scan the articles for any freebies that you guys may want and drop the rest of them from my reader. So be prepared next week for a long list of freebies.

A List of Lists of Freebies?

3 Mar

(I posted a newer version of this post on my new website

I promised you guys to share with you all the glorious freebies I find while I am surfing the web. This is going to be my first list of lists of freebies. I don’t know if that is the correct way to say it, but basically I made a list of website articles that made lists of freebies. That may have confused you even more than before. Just know that I am showing you a bunch of freebies. Let’s begin.

Friday Fresh Free Fonts #142

Abduzeedo Friday Fresh Free Fonts  142

I am making the assumption that everyone is in love with typography like me. So that is why I put this on my list. You never know when you are going to need a new font for your projects.

Weekly Fresh Web Design Freebies – Vol. 8 (2-29-2011)

MediaLoot Round Social Media Icons

This pack of freebies may say it’s from 2011, but the website posted it Feb 29, 2012. This pack contains WordPress themes, PSD layout templates, GUI kits, and Icons. It even comes with three special bonuses which I will keep a secret so you will go check it out.

25 Free and Premium HTML5/CSS3 Website Templates and Layouts

DesignModo 25 HTML5 CSS3 Website Templates and Layouts

What better way to finish this post off than by a list of HTML5 and CSS3 templates. These are no joke they are, as my cousin would say it, legit. There is a template for every one so enjoy.

That is it for this week’s freebies. Come back tomorrow for my list of must read tutorials this week.

My First Post

28 Feb

Welcome to My New Blog

Well actually this isn’t my first time blogging or using WordPress. In the past I actually had blogs, but I never continued to post on them. They had custom themes that I made and were hosted on the sever of my choice, it was all good. Well why don’t I do that again? Well, back then I was a high school and now I am in college. Even though it is just community college I still need to save as much money as I can for when I transfer in 3 years. So maybe down the line I could transfer this blog to a server and get a .com domain name.

What is This Blog About?

I have thought long and hard about that question. I like showing people new stuff I find on the web, creating screen casts, and talking about web design and development. I couldn’t decide on only one so I have decide… to blog about them all. This way there will always be a constant stream of blogs for you guys to read and enjoy.

Are There Any Benefits for Reading This Blog?

Before I answer this question I need to tell you guys something. I am stingy with my money. I will do anything to save some dollars in the process. With this down economy I am guessing that you too are tight with your money. Do worry I am here to help. Just like many of I like free stuff, and guess what… the internet is full of it. Free fonts, PSDs, tools, photos, and icons are just the beginning. I will make sure to give my readers valuable links to where they can get this stuff for… wait for it… absolutely free. Also since I am a web design I would try to post free downloads that I create.

What Can You Do To Make Sure You Don’t Miss Anything?

Make sure to subscribe to my RSS feed. If you don’t know what that is the solution is to subscribe to my email thingy. Using these tools you can always be the first to know what I post. What you don’t like using your email or using RSS feeds (I thought of that too), I also have a twitter account where I will be tweeting links about what I find and post about.

Do You Expect Anything From Us?

What I want in return for all of this stuff I will be providing you with is on thing, your opinion. I want you guys to tell me what you honesty think about my article (No Trolling Allowed), and the designs I make and Post. That way I will know what you like and become a better web designer at the same time. Also remember to send me links about things (images, articles, websites, videos, freebies, etc.) that I should share with the rest of my readers.

Bye, Bye

Well that’s it for my first post. You are now probably considering to become a frequent reader, if not here is something to convince you. I will be making a YouTube channel where you will be able to find all my screencasts. That’s right I knew you couldn’t resist YouTube. This is the real end of my post… no this is… okay, bye until next time.