P2PU – Choosing My Editor

10 Mar

Here is another installment of my P2PU activity. This time I was asked to blog about the text editor I have chosen to use for writting code. There we many to choose from including Dreamweaver CS5, Eclipse, Komodo Edit, Intype, Notepad++, Notepad 2, Geany, Aptana, gVim, and Emacs.

I have used all of these editors in the past and they all have their ups and downs. I stayed away from gVim and Emacs because they are too powerful for what I want to do, and they have a high leaning curve. If you guys are willing to put in the effort then by all means use those editors, but for me I wanted to focus on coding and not learning how to use another piece of software.

I did not go with Dreamweaver CS5, even though it is already installed on my computer, because I feel that it is too bloated. Sometimes you just want to use software that loads fast and gets the job done. Don’t get me wrong Dreamweaver is a great peice of software, but I prefer something else.

The reason why I didn’t choose Eclipse or Aptana Studio was because they are IDEs and just like Dreamweaver they offer me more than I need in a text editor. If I was a java developer or other major programing language developer then I might consider them, but for now I am only working with HTML and CSS so I don’t need all those extras.

Komodo Edit, Intype, Notepad++, Notepad 2, Geany are great free editors to use. I ended up choosing Notepad++ because I loved how it started up fast, was very minimal, and had plugin abilities. The plugins that I enjoyed are the zen coding, tab expander, and the ftp client.

If you guys from P2PU are looking for a text editor I recommend Notepad++ and if you don’t like it and also don’t want a bulky editor then I recommend you look at Intype, Notepad 2, or Geany (Intype is still in development so it may be unstable, but its worth a look at).


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