What To Do When RSS Reader Is Full?

4 Mar

If you guys are anything like me and subscribe to tons of RSS feeds you probably get overwhelmed by the amount of content you receive. A year ago I subscribed to so many feeds that when I didn’t visit my RSS reader in a week I came back to over 1000 articles. Because of the person I am I tried to read every one of them, but of course that did not work. Every time I managed to read 100 of them another 200 would be added. I just had to accept the fact that I wasn’t going to read them all. So I just decided to start fresh, and that was the best decision I could have made in that situation.Starting fresh allowed me to keep up with all the new articles from my favorite websites. I was also able to cut down on the feeds that I wasn’t reading but were taking up space.

Early last year I was put in this situation again when I download Paul Irish’s RSS feed Bundle. The bundle had every important feed that a front end web developer need, but like last time my reader was filled with more than a 1000 feed posts. Starting fresh here allowed me to notice that some of the feeds in his bundle no longer make article, and some of the feeds talked about topics that where unimportant to me.

So why have I told you guys about my RSS feed story, well if you can believe it or not it has happened a third time. This time it is the articles I have in my favorites. I have so many articles dating back to March of 2011. The problem this time is that these articles were put in favorites because I liked them. Maybe I have to accept the fact that they might have been useful when I first favorite them, but now they are not important. This time I will scan the articles for any freebies that you guys may want and drop the rest of them from my reader. So be prepared next week for a long list of freebies.


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